Refund Policy Of Turant Car

Cancellation Period & Percentage of Cancellation (Deduction of Package cost)

Full Package Cost

From booking date till 5 days prior to departure

Whole money is refunded by team Turant Car when you cancel your booking 5 days before the departure. We do not deduct money in such cases and money is refundable to you

15% of Package Cost

Few hours before departure of your booking

If you cancel your booking few hours before departure of your booking then we deduct 15 % of the price money of your package price. The amount deducted is very less in this case

75% of Package Cost

After departure and travelling some distance

If in some case you cancel the booking after travelling some distance then we provide the provision of refunding of 25 % of the booking price. We only cut 75% of the package money instead of deducting all the booking money.